AWS Partner Network (APN) – 10 Years and Going Strong

Ten years agoAWS launched AWS Partner Network (APN) in beta form for their partners and their customers.

Partners are an integral part of the AWS ecosystem as they enable customers and help them scale their business globally. Some of AWS greatest wins, particularly with enterprises, have been influenced by their Partners.

A decade later, as AWS customers work toward digital transformation, their needs are becoming more complex. As part of their transformation they are looking for innovation, differentiating solutions, and routinely ask AWS to refer them to partners with the right skills and the specialized capabilities that will help them to make the best of use AWS services.

The partners, in turn, are stepping up to the challenge and driving innovation on behalf of their customers in ways that transform multiple industries. This includes migration of workloads, modernization of existing code & architectures, and the development of cloud-native applications.

AWS Partners all around the world are doing amazing work! Integrators like Presidio in the US, NEC in Japan, Versent in Australia, T-Systems International in Germany, and Compasso UOL in Latin America are delivering some exemplary transformations on AWS. On the product side, companies like Megazone Cloud (Asia/Pacific) are partnering with global ISVs such as DatabricksDatadog, and New Relic to help them go to market. Many other ISV Partners are working to reinvent their offerings in order to take advantage of specific AWS services and features. The list of such partners is long, and includes InforVTEX, and Iron Mountain, to name a few.

In 2021, AWS and partners worked together to address hundreds of thousands of customer opportunities. Partners like, and Confluent have told us that AWS Partner program such as ISV Accelerate and AWS Global Startup Program are having a measurable impact on their businesses.


As I mentioned earlier, Customer Obsession is central to everything that do at AWS. AWS see partners as their customers, and they continue to obsess over ways to make it easier and more efficient for them to work with them. For example, they continue to focus on partner specialization and have developed a deep understanding of the ways that their customers find it to be of value.

AWS goal is to empower partners with tools that make it easy for them to navigate through their selection of enablement resources, benefits, and programs and find those that help them to showcase their customer expertise and to get-to-market with AWS faster than ever.

AWS will continue to listen, learn, innovate, and work together with partners to invent the future!

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